Sheldon Came Home 2 Years Ago Today!

Hi Everyone! Today Facebook reminded me that 2 years ago today my husband and I brought home a little kitten!  He was only 4 weeks old when we brought him home. My husband’s coworker found a litter of 3 kittens under his house and my husband, for some reason, thought it would be safe to send his kitty loving wife a picture of the little kittens. He was wrong! I was only allowed to have one of the kittens. I controlled myself only picked out one but I wanted to take all 3. It was hard to pick one because they were all the same, 3 little orange male kittens. Because we didn’t know if he had any diseases we had to keep him locked in our bathroom of our apartment to keep him separate from our other kitty, Baby Girl. This picture was taken after the first night with him and he kept us up all night with his little meows. 943087_4587086447021_1888573506_n

It’s amazing how time flies! Now he is 2 years old and weighs 12 pounds. To say the least he is a big boy! Much bigger than Baby Girl who is only 7 pounds. It took us a few days to come up with name for him but we named him Sheldon Cooper Gunn. The other choice was Bazinga. Any fans of Big Bang Theory know where we got these names. I do have days when I think to myself that we should have named Bazinga!

IMG_0212He is very playful and loves to take our socks and soak them in the water bowl. When he does that we tell him he is making sock tea! In the picture above he was hiding in a box. This one of those times when I thought Bazinga would have been a good name!


When I am not feeling well he is my nurse kitty and will lay with me or come check on me. On this day I was home with a migraine and he came to check on me and I managed to get a picture.


For some reason Sheldon doesn’t like to lay in the sun. He likes the dark much better. He actually avoids the sunlight in the sun room but he does love the pouf. It just doesn’t make any sense to me! Just to give you a sense of how big he is, the pouf measures about 25″x25″x25″. He easily takes up the whole thing!


For our Christmas cards I managed to snap a picture of him in the Christmas collar that I got him. Let me tell you, I took about 30 pictures before I got one that he was sitting still and didn’t have my husbands hand in the shot. We also took pictures of Baby Girl but she behaves and sits still more than Sheldon. I didn’t try to get both of them in the same shot because that would have been impossible!


He also likes to sit in my craft room with me while I am making cards. Now why he chose a small tight area to sit in instead of one of the empty cubes on either side, I will never know.

Well I think that is enough about Sheldon for now! I will do another post in the future about Baby Girl. Now it is time for me to go back to creating some cards.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!


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