First Time Using The We R Memory Keepers Flower Punch Board

Hi Everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for awhile. I suffer from migraines and was having them frequently one week. Then of course life got crazy the next week and I wasn’t able to get anything accomplished. I am working on catching up right now and I am happy to say that I am getting close! This week I am going to show you the We R Memory Keepers Flower Punch Board. Yes, I know I am late to the game but I just got mine. I won it from We R Memory Keepers on a Facebook contest! I haven’t won anything since I was a little girl and won a bag of Gummy Bears at Greater’s for being the whatever number customer I was that day. Anyway, I was very excited to win because I have had my eye on the Flower Punch Board for a while.


The picture above shows what you get when you purchase the board in store or online. Also, I won a pack of each of the new stems that they just released. What I like about the board is that it has all the measurements right on the board to make the different size flowers. The measurements that have a pink asterisk by them means that you need 2 pieces of paper that size to make that flower. The first thing I thought when I got my board is that this would be a great way to use my scraps! As you can imagine, I have a lot of scraps! I went through my scraps and found some that coordinate with each other. I decided to stick with flowers that only require 1 piece of paper.


For this project, I am going to make 2 of the XXS, 1 XS and 1 Small flower. Above shows the paper that I chose and the XS small flower assembled. Honestly, I made another flower before I took pictures for this post and this flower was a mistake from the first flower. The paper that I used for this project is from Doodlebug. The paper with the flowers on it has been discontinued but you can any paper that you have on hand to make your flowers. To start making your flower, you need to decide which size flower you want to make and cut your card stock to what is shown on the board. There are instructions included with the board on how to line up your card stock on the board in case this gets a little confusing. First, line up the edge of your card stock with the vertical score line and punch, then score the diagonal line. Next, you move the edge of your card stock to the line on the punch board for the size flower you are making. Punch the paper, then score both the vertical and diagonal lines. Now when you move card stock you want to line up the vertical score line with the line for your size flower, then punch and score both lines. You repeat this process until you are at the end of your paper. Below is a picture of what your paper should look like when you are done punching and scoring. You do want trim off the that last little piece at the end. If you want a more dimensional flower you can trim off one of the petals. I decided to make a flatter flower for this project.


Now comes the fun of folding. The way to fold the flowers is like an accordion style. Start with the end that has the diagonal score line first and fold that corner backwards, then hold vertical towards you. Repeat this until all of the score lines have been folded. You will notice that the flower starts to form right away. I highly recommend using your bone folder to crease all the folds before you glue anything together. This will give you a nice clean folds and your flower will look better! After you are finished creasing you want to glue the ends together on the back side of the flower. Also, I found that glueing all of the little flaps on the back of flower gives you a better looking flower and it hold together nicely. You don’t have to do this if you are using the flower stem kit. I just like the extra security and I thought that it looked better. Another optional step is curling the flower petals using the wand that you get with the board. Just run your flowers petals along the  wand like would with curling ribbon and scissors. The tighter you curl the more curl you will have in your petal.


Above is all the pieces I used to create my flower including 4 pieces from the stem kit. I decided to use the Natural White stem for this flower. The stem kits do include instructions for assembling the flowers in case this confusing. First, layer your flowers from smallest to largest as you want them on to the piece that has the flat head on it. Next, you add the piece that has petals on it to the under side of your flower. You should have a post sticking out from the back of your flower. Then, screw on the last small piece so that the cone part is under the last part that you put on. Last you stick the stem into the hole of the last piece. We R Memory Keepers sells enamel dots to put in the center of your flowers to cover up the plastic center. I do not have the enamel dots so I opted to use Liquid Pearl to create my center right on the center. I think it came out great!


Hope that you enjoyed this project as much as I did! As always below is a list of supplies with links. If you have other ideas on what to do with the centers of the flowers, leave a comment below!


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