Re-Sticky Those Die Cutting Machine Mats!

Hi everyone! Mike and I got back on Tuesday from a long weekend trip to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary! We went to Indianapolis and had a great time. If you are on Instagram, I posted some pictures. So, I am currently getting back into the swing of things. I wanted to give you a quick tip that I know that has been around for a while but I know people still ask. Can you re-sticky your mats for your electronic die cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette? And the answer is YES! If you use your machine as much as I use mine then this is extremely helpful and will help you save money by not needing to replace your mats as often!

For this you only need to 3 items besides your mats! First, you need a cleaning wipe like Clorox wipes. I use the store brand to save a little more money. Second, you need Krylon Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive. I found the Krylon in the general adhesive section at my local Michaels. You should be able to find it any big box craft store, if not you can find it online. Third, you will need painters tape.

The first step to re-sticky your mat is to clean your mat with the wipes. I cleaned mine really good. You want to get all the paper fuzzies off your mat. Your mat should be pretty smooth when you run your fingers over it. Your mat will be wet after you are done cleaning it off but don’t panic! Let your mat air dry. I was doing this at night, so I let it dry overnight. It should only take about an hour. It will depend on wet your mat is. After your mat is dry, mask off the edges that you don’t want to be sticky using the painters tape. Next, following the instructions on the can of Krylon, lightly spray your mat. Now you can remove the painters tape and let it dry for a little while. I recommend at least an hour. Your mat is now sticky and you can keep using it. When it looses some of it’s stickiness you can do this again!

I hope that you find this tip helpful and are able to save some money and mats! Do you have any helpful tips that others might helpful for their die cutting machines? Leave your tips in the comments!


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